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The Easy Switch

There is a big change happening on the UK’s phone network and its revolutionary! This once in a lifetime switchover will move traditional lines to new over the internet lines which will make calling cheaper and call quality increase. Openreach say by 31st of December 2025, all service providers will need to migrate most analogue telephone lines to digital phone lines. That’s 14 million lines and channels across the UK! 

Getting this done sooner rather than later is practical and will enable a buffer to give you plenty of time. We can help explain the process and what’s happening, what is needed and how we do it so you’re covered and future proofed. We can move your line from any provider, use your existing number and provide you with an adaptor for your existing phone and a smartphone app to use your new line anywhere. See Openreach – Getting ready for the switchoff

Pay as you go

£5.99a month
  • Make and Receive Calls
  • Phone App
  • 1571 Voicemail

1000 Minutes

£7.99a month
  • Make and Receive Calls
  • 1000 UK Minutes
  • Phone App
  • 1571 Voicemail

All copper landlines are being switched off – to keep your home phone service, you’ll need to move it to a VoIP based phone service like our service. It couldn’t be easier with a number porting system to use your existing number to a plug and play adaptor to use your existing phones.  We’ve got you covered from just £5.99 a month.

Grandstream HandyTone 801

This is a 2 port analog telephone adapter for using your existing home phone with the new VoIP service. 
Just £59.99

On SmartPhone
Take your home phone with you using an app on your mobile phone. 

We can port your existing number to our platform for just £1 – You can even port it away from us if you decide to move. 

You can call 1571 or log on to your home phone control panel to listen to your messages. 

Common Questions

All UK landline numbers and UK Mobiles (To a maximum 50% of inclusive minutes usage. Non-UK mobiles are not included.) Plus 03 numbers (To a maximum 30% of inclusive minutes)

  • No – It’s a rolling 30 days contract. 

No, we do not charge a connection fee or charge. All calls are priced per minute.

Ofcom have attempted to simplify billing for consumers by introducing Service Numbers. These numbers include the 087, 084, 09 and 118 ranges. To do this, they have decided to split up these Service Numbers into two parts; the Service Charge which is set by the provider of the number and the Access Charge. You can identify these calls by the description starting with ‘UK – NGCS’

It’s an app on your smart phone or computer which you can connect to our VoIP network and make and receive calls. You can also connect to a hard phone, like your normal landline would.