SWWISP Closure

Introducing a new way to connect

We are no longer providing broadband to the ex-SWWISP network. Please contact the previous owner for support queries. If you need a new connection, please read on!

It’s with deep concern that the network was switched off prematurely, while our efforts to reconnect as many homes and businesses as possible, some are facing slower speeds or no alternative solution. We are building alternative networks but this may take some time. 

We appreciate any downtime can be disastrous when working from home, we can provide a 4G dish that can be used with any network provider. While this might not provide the best speeds, it should provide a outside connection for basic internet uses, like email. 

Please order by clicking here. This will give you options for which dish you may need and the network carrier. These options will change depending on your location. Please contact us on 0800 6 102109 to check suitability. We’ll just need your postcode and a few hours to perform a desktop survey of all available networks such as Three, EE, O2 or Vodafone. 

Short Range – Ideal for urban environments when your close to a mast. 
Long Range – Ideal for rural locations where phone signal is low. 
Extra Long Range – Ideal for rural locations where phone signal is non-existent. 

If none of these solutions work, we can help you get in touch with a satellite provider or use a 4G booster voucher. Please get in touch if you need advice or assistance.  

These were purchased from SWWISP Limited and are yours to keep. These can be removed or reused. If removed, please recycle, get in touch if you need any help removing or recycling. 

Yes, you have no obligation to stay with us or SWWISP. We understand theres very little options in this area however there may be a solution which is right for you. Whether its 4G or satellite or a new bespoke fibre or wireless solution we can find. Please get in touch. 

Ultimately, we failed to negotiate a purchase agreement. Follow a successful signed letter of intent, a schedule over 36 months and a list of assets we were to acquire, we operated the network while the purchase agreement was mutually agreed. Upon due diligence, a number of misrepresentations were discovered and the seller withdrew from the arrangement. This does create some problems to overcome which will require further investment. 

Due to a number of factors, a few keys locations were taken offline and this resulted in a wider issue across the legacy swwisp network. Although we’ve done all we can to reconnect some customers and provide 4G to others, we’re might not be able to provide a service for everyone as it was before immediately. We understand this has huge effects on homes and businesses and we’re doing all we can to find a suitable solution. 

It’s a complex and challenging situation which should have been a commercial dispute, resolved via mediation and discussion. However the seller made a number of substantial misrepresentations which we were unable to negotiate with him to resolve. 

From items due to be acquired being listed on ebay to unauthorised access attempts on non-SWWISP equipment, the seller became hostile and provided us with a switch off date. Unfortunately, this happened a month earlier and we ran out of time to plan a full recover effort. 

We’ve provided a swift response to reconnect those in dire need for an internet connection and we’re working tirelessly to build a replacement network, better than before. Ultimately, this commercial dispute, boiled over into a personal attack from the seller, which has forthcoming due diligence. While we try to limit its negative effect on our day to day operations of our business, the additional resources its taken has delivered us a blow, after the cost of the lockdowns. 

While legal recovery is now underway, we’re now back to concentrating in what we do best, serving great value broadband without the usage caps or obligatory phoneline.