Sustainable Broadband

Sustainable Broadband

The internet is a energy dependent resource, it requires a huge amount of power to operate, for instance last year,  6.2% of all electricity worldwide was used for the internet. By 2025, this could grow to 25% of all electricity worldwide. This huge growth is mostly consumed at the growing data centers and fibre optic network and we need to work together to reduce the negative effects.

Internet sustainability
With the internet is more than doubling in size over the next 5 years with 240% more storage capacity required between 2021 – 2025*. This growth is down to the more internet ready devices coming online, the faster speeds being desired globally and the growth of online content creation. We need to look ahead and plan how to reduce the negative effects and pave the way for sustainable growth. 

Limiting our waste output and having a zero to landfill policy. We use standard measures like recycling waste and sending non-recyclables to waste to energy schemes. We think outside of the box by selling decommissioned hardware by auction or donating them for educational purposes or provide road aggregates to farmers for track repairs. Using and reusing is the main objective to keep our waste output managed.

Local Workforce
Keeping our workforce local is important to us because 

Where we are the bill payer, we only buy 100% renewable electric.

* = IDC’s recent Global DataSphere Forecast, 2021-2025

Wind Power

Solar Power

Recycle More

Zero to Landfill

100% Renewable Power

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