Run a Speedtest

Testing your broadband capacity
This will show your available capacity. Please do not use your connection while its running to achieve the most realistic result.

Please run this speed test once and leave it open in your browser window. It will automatically re-run hourly for 24 hours. You can then see the results in your broadband control panel. 

Don’t use wireless connections as this could bottleneck your connection. Use a wire (Ethernet) to achieve the best speed. 

When testing 100Mb – 1000Mb speeds via a computer based device the results are dependent on the capability of the device and the premises environment. You need to ensure that the customers device meets the following minimum specification:

Processor should be above or equivalent to Intel® Core™ i5-4570S Processor (4 cores, 3.80 max Turbo frequency, 2.90GHz processor frequency, 6MB smart cache)
Ensure that at least 4 GB of RAM is free
1 GB NIC card is recommended
Ethernet cable should have the capability to transfer 1GB data
Operating System – Windows 8 and above
Minimum browsers supported – Google Chrome version 86, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge 2020 browsers version 9 (2018 IE is not compatible). Please ensure you are using the latest browser version for optimum results.
Unless the computer meets the specifications, the browsers based speedtest result may not be accurate and we recommend iperf testing instead. Further guidance on testing speeds, and the limitations of this speed test, can be discussed with the support desk.