Software in the Cloud

The fabric of a reliable network is built upon fast resilient software and to overcome bottlenecks, unavailability and service outages, virtualisation can meet and exceed these pitfalls if done right. Being able to scale up hardware instantly meeting peaks or having a secondary instance running in the background ready to take over if the primary instance fails. Building mission critical infrastructure needs to be met with mission critical solutions. 

Protecting your business and your infrastructure with cloud technology shouldn’t be a capital expenditure hurdle and operating it as a service is as easy as renting another technical service backed with around the clock support and strict service level monitoring indicators, just without the huge upfront costs. Hosted across multiple data centers in the UK, EU & USA offering resilient, secure and cost effective app, disaster recovery and cloud solution. 

Where possible, reducing the number of servers is better for power consumption and the environment and we need to do all we can to evolve and co-exist in the world we live. with internet usage exploding year on year, energy consumption is also set to explode, so the faster we work together in reducing the burden of the internet on our energy supply’s the better. 

RaaS – Clustered Authentication

Radius as a Service offering fast, secure, failsafe network authentication for a wide range of protocol sets such as CHAP, EAP, LEAP, HTTP Digest authentication. Hosted in multiple locations for redundancy and off-site hourly backups for data protection. 

DRaaS – Clustered Recovery

Disaster Recovery as a Service offers you the peace of mind that your critical data is protected and there is a rehearsed plan of action to get back to business as usual as fast as possible no matter the disaster that’s happened. 

CaaS – Clustered Infrastructure

Cloud as a Service provides you the resources to spin up new instances on the fly across multiple data centers. Perfect for any operating system and software set. We can supply public or private IP Addressing with 24 hour SLA monitoring and support.  

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