We’ve acquired Nationhost – a long standing hosting brand with a small loyal customer base. While it’s current condition is good with up-to date managed server and no external debt, we’re taking over all assets with immediate effect. Current customers can continue to use their services with no downtime expected. We have no plans presently to relaunch the service publicly. 

Please email or call our freephone helpline 0800 6102109 for help and support. Your bills will also change and you will be invoiced by us from now on. Please see the email from us for more information.

Our plans involve designing, building and fitting out multiple ”super hubs” which will offer small amounts of rackspace with uninterruptable power, air conditioning and security.  These micro data centers will empower local hosting, perfect for regional businesses and those needing the fastest connectivity to critical data. 

There are many uses which can be used in combination with our Hardware Hotel, giving your co-located hardware, direct access to our dedicated rented solutions. With remote hands, 24 hour access and robust resiliency features. We’ve got you covered. 

Dedicated Hardware
We’ll be investing in servers, switches and routers ready for rent. Whether you need a storage solution or a local email server, we have solutions that could bring home your businesses technology.

VPS Servers
With turning technology environmentally friendly, we’re driving virtualisation so we can host multiple servers on a minimal hardware footprint, saving space, electricity and heat. Using ESXi and capable of hosting Linux and Window’s machines. 

Rural CDN 
As storage demands increase, businesses will want big data to be stored locally, incase of dieaster recovery or speed of connectivity. Our rural CDN solution could provide large amounts of storage within miles of your office. 

Tried, Tested & Trusted 
We’ll be using hardware from Dell & Cisco with easy to access spares.
No matter the problem, we’ll have a wide pool of resources to use to get
services up and running quickly. 

Please see our co-location ‘Hardware Hotel‘ page for more information.