Public Liability Insurance

We’re proud to to be insured by Direct Line, covering our workforce, our vans and our liability. This means our work is covered by one of the UK’s leading insurers, giving rapid response to issues when they go wrong. As hard as we try to never hit a pipe or cable during installation, if we do, it’s covered for a prompt repair. 

This covers us for all works relating to the installation of Broadband between a set depth and a set height. Some tasks will require additional insurance. Any work on high value assets such as another operators infrastructure may require an additional due diligence. 

Every job and task we undertake will have a risk assessment and method statement to eliminate hazards and dangers to our workforce and the general public. where accidents and/or damage has happened, please raise a request with management to a swift response.

If you have an question regarding our insurance or claim, please get in touch with