Fibre Broadband

Fibre Infrastrucutre

We have innovated full fibre deployment using smarter technology and prefabricated methods in order to reduce cost and delays. By taking key elements in-house and creating processes to eliminate risks of over-spend and making multiple detached tasks, one task. By doing it smarter, we’re able to regain customer expectations and improve reputation, while delivering sustainable project cost savings. 

We’ve been able to do this using trial and error on our own projects, installing full fibre to small communities. This involves the installation of a green cabinet to house the network and power apparatus, followed by a branch style network spanning out to homes and businesses. By using modular apparatus methods, we’re able to add more branches out to more communities in the surrounding area.

We love to work with other operators to provide a competitive market place for our customers. By enabling other brands to utilise new broadband infrastructure enables better growth potentials and utilisation rates. We can provide FTTP for homes and businesses along with traditional Openreach based xDSL services. We can also provide 1:1 dedicated internet connections. We work with TalkTalk, BT Wholesale, VirginMedia O2, ICUK, CityFibre & Colt to create a low-cost and highly resilient platform with many options for small, medium and large businesses. 

We undertake the following work

  • Deploying our own self funded infrastructure to small communities with >80% demand rates.  
  • Deploying other networks infrastructure as a contractor.
  • Deploying private infrastructure for bespoke deployments.
  • Delivering Customer Installations with a Wireless router or Enterprise Router*
  • Repair & Maintenance Call-Outs to Customer or Street Side.

Our In-House Brand – WestFibre
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* = Typically a Ubquiti AirCube/EdgeRouter or Similar.