Fixed Wireless Access

Fixed Wireless

Providing broadband without the need for a landline means no installing miles of cabling. Our services use rooftop aerials connecting to a mast in line of sight with superfast results at over 15 miles*. 

Our services provides a turnkey solution to deploy fixed wireless access or its supporting assets. From pole and mast erection through to cabinet, rigging and cabling. We’re able to provide a full mast support solution with all planning and street works taken care of. 

We’re also able to provide a CPE installation service providing in-house and external aerial installation, diagnostics and maintenance. We’re happy to wear co-branded or branded PPE and provide a fully comprehensive audit reporting tool. Fully insured, trained and accredited. 

Our In-House Brand – WestWiFi
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We have multiple sites around the South West of England which can be leased for your network. Please get in touch for more information. 

* = Typically in ideal line of sight with >100Mbps throughput.