Full Fibre

All of our Full Fibre plans come with Unlimited usage

Gigabit Broadband

Our broadband packages offers ultrafast unlimited broadband with friendly freephone support and a sustainable future.
Our FTTP plans use full fibre to connect your home to our ultrafast broadband network, it’s capable of gigabit speeds and is being deployed nationwide. Please see our checker to discover is we’re available yet.  


£34Per Month
  • Upto 40 Mbps Download Speeds
  • Upto 10 Mbps Upload Speeds


£35Per Month
  • Upto 80 Mbps Download Speeds
  • Upto 20 Mbps Upload Speeds


£37Per Month
  • Upto 160 Mbps Download Speeds
  • Upto 30 Mbps Upload Speeds


£40Per Month
  • Upto 330 Mbps Download Speeds
  • Upto 50 Mbps Upload Speeds


£45Per Month
  • Upto 550 Mbps Download Speeds
  • Upto 75 Mbps Upload Speeds


£47Per Month
  • Upto 1Gbps Download Speeds
  • Upto 115 Mbps Upload Speeds

Small Print:  Our 12 month minimum term contract applies. The average (median) speeds listed above based on what is achievable for at least 50% of our customers using ethernet connections at peak time (6pm – 11pm). Orders are subject to availability, credit check & suitable router being available. 

What’s Included?

Everything you’ll need to get online!

An engineer will visit and install your connection. Getting everything tidied away and ready for surfing.

Already have a connection with someone else? No problem, we can migrate connections on the Openreach network over to our network easily (and visa versa) and its completely free to do. 

You won’t need to pay any other communications company (Like BT for a Landline). You’ll only need to pay us and we will supply everything needed to surf the web and talk on the home phone.

Some providers say unlimited but impose a fair usage policy before slowing you down. We impose no soft limits or other network restriction, so you wont need to worry how much your using. 

We provide a static IPv6 address so your ready to go.

From £2 a month, we can provide a static IPv4 too. If it’s not important, we’ll provide a dynamic IPv4 for free. 

We wont block or filter your internet experience or slow you down if you download too much. Our network is built for performance, keeping your connection as fast as possible. 

If you choose to leave us within your minimum term contract, you will be expected to pay the remainder off until the contract expiry.  This is to cover the costs associated with the installation and hardware. 

Choice of Router

Router Options

If you are migrating from another provider and you have a perfectly fine wireless router which works. There is no point changing it and wasting an hour reconfiguring devices to use a new wireless zone.  If you’re router will allow, we can provide the username and password needed to re-connect and start using our broadband network. Sometimes, some brands will ban username changes thus a new router will be required. 

  1. Re-Use for FREE – Simply change the log in username and password to reconnect!
  2. Hire from £8.50 a month for a no hassle wireless experience. 
  3. Buy from £95 and enjoy whole home wireless coverage.

Fee’s & Charges

All the fee’s

We are a transparent broadband service provider with no hidden fees. The price you see is the price you pay. 

To install a new connection will cost £0 – Free of charge

Moving your connection to us will cost £0 – Free of charge

If you decide to move your connection to another supplier, the cost to move will be £0 – Free of charge

To terminate your connection will cost a £45 one off fee. 

To lease a static IPv4 Address will cost £2 a month. 

To access standard care is £0 – Free of charge. 

To access enhanced care is £14.99 a month. 

To access critical care is £49.99 a month

To change/upgrade plans requires a speed regrade, which costs £19.99 one off fee. You will need to be out of contract and sometimes downgrades are not possible. Please contact us for more information.