Regional Ownership

Become a regional franchise owner and discover a unique opportunity to run your own local ISP. We do things differently and go the extra mile to deliver faster broadband and approachable support who can resolve issues faster than the other market leaders. 

We’ll provide everything needed to setup in your area and provide on-going support and marketing resource. From the start, we will provide in-depth research which will formalise the target area for achievable sales. All you will be responsible for is new customer connections, general maintenance and community involvement to increase sales and brand awareness.

We have access to multiple ‘last mile’ delivery platforms giving us a wider coverage, we design, build and operate a number of fixed wireless access networks providing superfast broadband to those unable to get a landline equivalent. We also have access to the Openreach network providing FTTP and FTTC Technology.  

For a minimal investment, we can setup a franchised area that meets your needs. We’ll help choose equipment for your vehicle and provide the design for it to be branded. Full training provided with 24/7 dedicated support for any reason. 

The Operational Benefits
We’ll provide everything from sales and marketing, technical support and full network access. Where there is enough demand, we will design and deploy fixed wireless access increasing your local coverage. This provides you with a set markup, earning a monthly reoccurring revenue stream for your business. We also provide phone, website and email services which are all marked up for your monthly revenue. 

All you’ll be tasked with is welcoming new customers in your area on-board, providing new installations for fixed wireless access and supporting customers. Provide general maintenance when things stop working the way they should. Fully supported and backed up by our support team. 

We’ll provide regional advertising and provide printed material to help our brand awareness and increase your sales. You will need some resources such as tools, vehicle, installation engineer/network engineer, back office administration. 

From £1750 Start-up 

We will need a capable start-up with the ability to brand their operation and perform safe and quality work.

Expertise Required

  • Installation: Install New Wireless Dishes on rooftops/chimneys. Run and terminate ethernet cabling. Setup wireless router. 
  • Network: Can configure routers and support business connections.
  • Administration: Provide work scheduling and invoicing. 

This will enable your business perform new connections, growing your network scale and revenue potential. With community involvement and leaflet drops, we can target our regional marketing with your plans providing a seamless campaign. 

You’ll retain a profit share on all customers within a postcode area, plus a monthly profit share while they remain a customer in your area. This profit share can grow into a healthy return on investment.

We will provide

  • Sales & Marketing – Providing ordering, support and print design for marketing. We will also source billboard and bus stop advertising. 

  • Network Design, Build and Operation. This leaves the customer installs and general support at your door, with the 24hour support of our team.