Construction Sites

Having fast and secure communications on construction sites is now a critical utility. 
From VoIP telephones to mobile devices needing fast internet access for file transfer. It’s important to provide cover for this utility to ensure no task is delayed or slowed down due to technical issues. We have the knowledge, resources and time to consult, design, build and maintain your site communications network. 

Temporary Wireless Communications
Whether its for an office that may move during the phases of your site or wifi is needed on the ground for surveyors, supervisors and managers to connect where mobile signal is weak or non-existent. We can use a wide range of technology to create wireless zones for mobile devices, or point to point links between office units. 

We can power them using solar panels and protect them using CCTV and anti-climb fencing. These can be mount to pallets and moved as the site progresses. We’ll be available at short notice to amend and modify the network as and when you need.

Full FTTH Deployment
Looking further ahead, if you provide full fibre already or you want to save money in the outlay of connecting each dwelling to the telecoms network, we’re able to provide Openreach ducting to each plot along with a seperate fibre duct, which can be used for fibre or rented out to an alternative network operator.

We’re able to serve these homes through our Westfibre brand or team up to create a new service for your brand. We provide wholesale and virtual network operator services so you can focus on what you do best while earning a fresh, new monthly revenue from each plot you build. 

Building Gigabit Fibre
We can provide simple ducting only infrastructure design and installation services through to full FTTH deployment and operation. By deploying ducting during the sub-base phase for carriage and footways reduces installation costs down by over 60%. Covering your development with full-fibre from the start is a benefit to sell more plots faster. Our service can be deployed with a Openreach ducting alongside, offering customers greater choice. 

We can either provide the services at no charge or team up to provide you a fresh and new monthly reoccurring revenue stream from each and every plot you sell. We can also rent duct space to other alternative network operators to provider more revenue and more choice for prospective buyers. 

Contact Us
We’re happy to discuss your project and provide realistic costs and expectations. Please drop us an email on the left, or by emailing or by calling 0800 6 102109 

We can provide wireless or fibre solutions for

  • Construction Sites
  • Highways & Railway
  • Marine & Rural 
  • Caravan & Camping Sites
  • Film Sets
  • Events & Festivals 

And so much more!

Our experienced and trained engineers are covered by £5 Million public liability insurance to install broadband apparatus.  We have Ofcom code powers to enable us to deploy broadband apparatus as permitted developments. 

Get in touch to discuss your project.