Hardware Hotel

Hardware Hotel – Co Location

High performance space for your hardware means zero compromise with free all day breakfast* as standard.

Our high-spec data ‘room service’ offers a cool & chilled environment for optimum performance. Remote hands for emergency maintenance and resilient network for no compromise connectivity.

* = Free All Day Breakfast commonly known as ‘Power’ to 1 socket at 0.5A per U of space rented. Greater ampage’s available upon request.

Server Farm

We’re piloting a new eco-server hosting connecting servers on farms and multi-gigabit backhaul connectivity, offering low cost and local server solutions. 

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Our Standards

Hosting Standards

We’re committed to keeping your server online, providing the best environment for it to operate effectively. The hands available for when things go wrong. The security in place to keep it safe. 

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Uninterrupted Power

1 – Diverse Mains Feed
Our first step is getting power from two diverse feeds from separate substations, meaning smaller power outages may not affect both feeds.

2 – Battery Backup
We have enough capacity to power your equipment while generators start. This can be anywhere between 5 mins and 5 hours depending on the power consumption you need. This will ne in N+1 configuration meaning there will be failover capacity. 

3 –  Generator Backup
We have diesel generation for immediate power generations and wind and solar generation for battery top-up. This ensures around 14 days of continuous power.

Resilient Connectivity

Our colocation facilities are connected by 2 or more fibre connections multi-homed to enable a resilient and redundant network connection. This N+N setup means the secondary network can handle the network load during primary network failure.


These connections usually do not share upstream provider or route to the internet. Typically on a 100mbps network port with a single public IPv4 address. Where available, 10Gbps and /24 pools1 can be delivered. Get in touch if you require a bespoke network configuration, BGP or the use of a existing network provider. 

Proactive Security

Our proactive security measures encompass physical and digital security with 24/7 monitored and recorded CCTV, around the clock patrol, access control and secure perimeter fencing.

Housed in secure containers within a fenced off compound in a corner of a farm. As it’s remote, patrols will randomly visit or when alarm is activated. CCTV have microphones and speakers and in confirmed instances of trespass, we’re in contact with landowners and the police. 

Your data is safe with WestNetworks Innovations, by innovating the server farm, on a farm. Get in touch to ask any questions you may have.

* = Protected by UPS Batteries for power outage protection.
1 = Subject to availability and justification, we reserve the right to lease addresses from a third-party.