New Cloud Core

We’re excited to announce a huge development which will provide a major overhaul of our cloud hosting platform and will see £200,000 invested in critical systems needed to operate our systems. In our role, we need to have secure, efficient and scalable systems that can meet our growth. Our core focused upgrades will provide a fresh system with ample room to grow, without duplicating much hardware. 

Dedicated Cloud Infrastructure 
At present, all of our servers are physical hardware or hosted on a third-party cloud. This might provide value and performance, it lacks in other areas such as scalability, redundancy and reliability. 

Pure NVMe Storage Cluster
As we speak of performance, storage can play a major part in loading times, and at present, we use fast SSD’s with no moving parts but we’re upgrading to the latest NVMe drives with outstanding IOPS. 

Our storage devices are 2U in size and can be hot swapped without any interruption. We can scale this array with more and more storage devices as we grow. This also helps us to store more and use less electricity, by using higher density devices. 

Enterprise Grade CPU Cores
Using faster storage needs faster processing power with a higher performance per core. The new CPU’s will offer 300% more bandwidth to memory offering lightning fast responses. 

Replication Cluster
Instead of using the traditional SAN design of storage array, We’re using a bespoke hyper-converged storage platform, which intelligently replicate your data across the entire platform. This means even if multiple arrays go offline, your data is still available. This method allows us to infinitely scale our storage without disruption to the virtualised machines running within the cloud cluster. We can host our storage array in multiple racks using a 80Gbps network between them.  

Network Upgrades
At present, each server is connected to a 1Gbps port, we’re planning to inter-connect the nodes inside the cloud with an 80Gbps network and a further 20Gbps of external network connectivity. In addition, we’re planning on a 100Gbps link to the backup servers in Frankfurt, offering a massive speed increase when restoring.

Cloudlinux 8
We’ve used CloudLinux for a number of years, so moving onto their latest platform is ideal for us, as it comes with more features, including the trusted LVE, CageFS and more.

Improved DNS Clusters
Currently, we use third party servers as they have been solid, however moving them into our new London setup is paramount to keeping things redundant and scalable. 

Control Panel

We'll be supporting the trusted cPanel control interface for web, email and DNS management.

Our new services are coming soon. No changes are needed to your service and all our improvements will ultimately speed up your interactions with us.  Please find more information below.