Broadband for Homes & Businesses

No more confusing broadband choices

If you are not interested in our wholesale solutions and just want a single connection, Please see our retail brands for individual service ordering. We provide broadband and connectivity over a number of different network which are not available everywhere. We have split these down and established WestWire, WestFibre and WestWiFi to make things easier. This means if you want low cost superfast fixed wireless broadband, choose WestWiFi. For fibre broadband choose WestFibre and for nationwide ADSL & FTTC broadband, choose WestWire

All pricing includes VAT and are subject to availability. Please visit the websites for more information.  


‘Fixed Wireless Access’ Broadband – From £10 a month

Limited Availability (Select locations in Somerset)


Fibre ‘GPON’ Broadband – From £20 a month

Limited Availability (Select locations Nationwide)


Openreach xDSL Broadband – From £25 a month

Nationwide Availability 

We also provide our services and network for reseller and wholesale use. For more information about network partnerships, please click here.