Acceptable Usage Policy

Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) should be read in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions.

“WNI, WestWiFi, WestFibre, WestWire” means WestNetworks Innovations Limited, the provider of radio broadband services in accordance with the Terms and Conditions
“User” means the Customer at set out in the Terms and Conditions and any other individual or group of individuals using the Services at the Customer’s premises (the “Address”)
“Services” means the provision of Broadband Services
“Terms and Conditions” means the terms and conditions of business entered into between WestNetworks Innovations Limited and the Customer (also known as the “Agreement”)
WestNetworks Innovations Limited supports the free flow of information and ideas over the internet and does not actively monitor use of the services under normal circumstances.
WestNetworks Innovations Limited does not exercise editorial control over the content of any website, electronic mail transmission, news group or other material created or accessible over or through the Services.
However, breach of this AUP may result in the Services being suspended or terminated.
WestNetworks Innovations Limited reserves the right to modify the AUP at any time. Changes made to the AUP become effective upon posting of the modified AUP to this website. It is the User’s responsibility to ensure their awareness of any such changes.

The following constitutes a breach of this AUP: Using the Services to transmit material (by emailing, uploading, downloading or posting or otherwise) that intentionally or unintentionally violates any local or international law;
The transmission, distribution or storage of any material in violation of any applicable law including without limitation material protected by copyright, trade mark, trade secrets, confidential information, trade secret or other intellectual property rights;
The transmission, distribution or storage of any material that is obscene, discriminatory, offensive or defamatory or which constitutes an illegal act or threat;
Circumventing User authentication or security of any host, network, or account (referred to as “cracking” or “hacking”);
Interference with the Service to any User, host, or network (referred to as “denial of service attacks”);
Failure to conform to the Internet protocols and standards;
Sending unsolicited bulk e-mail messages (“junk mail” or “spam”) of any kind;
Sending viruses either directly or by relaying through the User’s systems and, for the avoidance of doubt, Users must ensure that their systems cannot be relayed through;
Forwarding or propagating chain letters or malicious e-mails
Soliciting email for any other address other than that of the User without with full consent of the owner of the referred address;
Overloading the network by whatever means ;
Use of IP multicast other than by means provided and co-ordinated by WestNetworks Innovations Limited;
Violations of system or network security.
It should be noted that some of the breaches above may result in criminal and civil liability. WestNetworks Innovations Limited will investigate any incidents involving such violations and where necessary and at its absolute discretion shall provide such information as is necessary to the Police, or any other relevant civil authority.
Examples of system or network security violations include, without limitation, the following:
Unauthorised access to or use of data, systems or networks, including any attempt to probe, scan or test the vulnerability of a system or network or to breach security or authentication measures without the express authorisation of the owner of the system or network;
Unauthorised monitoring of data or Traffic on any network or system without the express authorisation of the owner of the system or network;
Interference with service to any User, host or network including, without limitation, mailbombing, flooding, deliberate attempts to overload a system and broadcast attacks;
Forging of any TCP-IP packet header or any part of the header information in an email or a newsgroup posting.
The above lists are not exhaustive and WestNetworks Innovations Limited reserves the right in its absolute discretion to suspend or terminate the Services in the event that it becomes aware of any use of the Services which it considers to be unacceptable, illegal or offensive to any actual or potential person, firm or company.

In signing the Terms and Conditions, the User acknowledges as follows:
WestNetworks Innovations Limited is not responsible for the content of any message whether or not the posting was made by an WestNetworks Innovations Limited customer
The network utilised by WestNetworks Innovations Limited may be used to link into other networks worldwide and the user agrees to conform to the acceptable use policies of these networks.
WestNetworks Innovations Limited is not responsible in any way for the Customer’s own computer hardware and/or software and the Customer shall ensure that the Customer’s own computer hardware and software meets all required legal and safety requirements and is virus protected.
The availability of the WestNetworks Innovations Limited Service is dependent upon reasonable usage of the network.
WestNetworks Innovations Limited reserves the right to manage the traffic of those Customers whose usage of the Service considers in its absolute discretion to be not consistent with or appropriate for the Service to which they subscribe and/or detrimental to the other Users who share the network.
Complaints regarding illegal use, network security or breach of this policy should be sent to


WestNetworks Broadband is a wireless broadband service aimed at rural communities where broadband coverage is otherwise poor.
We aim to provide the best service that we can whilst at all times adhering to relevant legislation and guidelines stipulated by OFCOM and the ISPA.
Should you wish to contact us and/or are dissatisfied with any of our services or should you wish to report a complaint or a breach of our Acceptable Users Policy, please read this Code of Practice and contact us using any of the following methods.

Contacting WestyNetworks 

There a number of ways that you can contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.
Customer Services can be contacted by telephone on 01834 215009 . Our offices are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.
Alternatively, you can contact us via our website at or you can email us at
Our registered office address is: WestNetworks Innovations Limited, 11 Alstone Road, Highbridge, Somerset, TA9 3DT


Should you wish to raise a complaint, please contact us using any of the methods above. Please have your contact details and any reference numbers to hand. We will aim to respond to your complaint as soon as reasonably practicable according to the nature of the complaint, our opening hours and the speed in which we are able to investigate your complaint.
If your complaint cannot be immediately resolved, we will investigate your complaint and respond to you as soon as reasonably practicable either by telephone, email or by letter sent by ordinary first class post.
Should your complaint relate to an interruption to your broadband service, we shall work towards restoration of your broadband service at the earliest opportunity.
Our aim is to resolve complaints to your complete satisfaction. This may be achieved by all or any of the following:
1)         Providing you with a written apology;
2)         Providing you with an alternative service or equipment in accordance with our Terms and Conditions; or
3)         Providing you with a refund of charges where a refund may be due in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

For all other questions
please contact or write a letter to
WestNetworks Innovations Limited, 11 Alstone Road, Highbridge, Somerset, TA9 3DT