Delivering the Internet

Company News – Date: 17/10/2019

We have launched the West-Wire brand for traditional internet connections via Openreach supplied circuits. We’ll be using the TalkTalk Business core network & the Marstons Telecom edge network to supply a business focused broadband service with a difference. 

Each connection includes a dedicated IP address, managed hardware and legendary technical support, each connection will be quality assured around the clock, monitored and proactively maintained for optimum performance, something other ISP’s don’t do.

With only 5 more years before these services are discontinued as the Openreach network goes full fibre. We’ll be transferring circuits to our WestFibre brand, We’re looking forward to helping as many people stuck on xDSL services and deliver a service that won’t buckle under peak-time pressure. 

Please visit www.west-wire.co.uk for more information.