Bridging the Digital Divide

Providing innovative broadband network solutions.



We’re able to connect upto 1Gbps connects over a number of technologies and across partner locations. 



We can supply landline and VoIP phone solutions to homes and businesses who need multi-user, call centre style operations. 


Cloud Apps

We can design, setup and operate your own cloud enviroment for maximum speed, storage, security and cost savings.

Fibre to the Home

Enjoy the fastest
Full Fibre Home Broadband

We’re deploying our own fibre network in new areas, as well as throughout our partners networks, giving more people the opportunity to connect to better broadband. 

Fibre to the cabinet & ADSL2+

Enjoy Nationwide
Superfast & Unlimited Home Broadband

We’re able to use the traditional network and connect you to better broadband with unlimited usage and our legnedary support. Complete with landline rental and router. 

Fixed Wireless Access

Enjoy the best
Superfast & Unlimited Home Broadband

We’re building a superfast broadband network across Somerset with over 20 sites already operational. With speeds of up to 300Mbps using a rooftop dish, No landline required.

About us
We’re a wholesale network provider, serving our clients customers the very best internet connections and communication services. To discover more – please visit – our retail platform. Please direct any wholesale enquires to