Our response to COVID-19
During these uncertain times, we’re all relying on our broadband connections more, whether its working from home or having the whole family trying to use netflix at the same time. Having a connection that works is essential so our work to deploy our network will continue, albeit with some changes to protect the public and our engineers. 

It’s paramount that we follow the guidelines and adhere to infection control measures to save lives, help the NHS and stem the spread of Corona virus. As a minimum, we’ve suspended any non-essential work and postponed ‘meet and greet’ site visits indefinitely. We’ve moved all meetings to virtual and we’ve suspended all travel to trade shows. Our engineers have been trained on infection control and we’ve added hand cleaning facilities to our vans with essential PPE issued and we’re performing greater due diligence before tasks are carried out, such as disinfection of tools, areas and hardware before and after work. We’re investigating obtaining Ofcom code powers and hiring a fleet of trailer masts for temporary access. We’re trialing new suction brackets for self-installs so we’re still able to connect customers during the lockdown. 

We’re going above and beyond to connect your community to superfast broadband access and we appreciate your understanding and patience. Deploying a broadband network was never an easy task, made even harder with a society lockdown. Please visit www.westwifi.co.uk/blog for up to date news.

Kind Regards
WestNetworks Innovations Limited

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